God's Eternal Word



The Spirit of the Lord came unto me

saying, "Rise and stand up upon thy

feet; for I have appeard unto thee to

make you a Minister and a Witness of

the things that thou has seen, and

which I will show thee."

A Message From


If our minds could only grasp the fact that satan is

paralyzed; he has been stripped of his power in the believer's life.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the master and man's salvation has been

paid for at the cross.


The Resurrection of the risen Christ is the believer's victory.  At the sound of the Master's voice, disease, sickness, fear and poverty must depart.  It  would be easy to live in this resurrection realm, but we have a conviction that before the Lord Jesus returns, there will be a mighty army of believers who will learn the authority that God has invested in his word, and that the sin problem is settled, and that man's redemption is a fact.  Carry this book with you everywhere.  Satan rears his ugly head to torment the children of God as he knows he has but a short time. Satan will fight you daily to stop God's work.  "Give no place to the devil," stand on the scripture, quote it out loud, go over it again and again, it must go through your head to get down inside your spirit.   Proverbs 20:27, "The spirit of man is a candle unto the Lord," searching for God's perfect will in our lives. The Holy Spirit is in direct contact with our spirit. The Holy Spirit is ready to guide us into living the abundant life in Jesus Christ. Satan doesn't want you to know this, so he lies to you, and when you don't know the scripture he wins and you lose.  Hosea 4:6, " My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I will reject you, that you shall be no priest unto me. Seeing you have forgotten the word of God, I will also forget your children."  Now that may sound harsh and cruel, but God loved you so much he gave his only Son to die on the cross so you might live unto him. 

Spread The Gospel

If you accept Jesus Christ as your savior and you would like to

become a partner in this ministry to help spread the gospel to the

whole world,

You Will Receive:

Bible Training

A correspondence course where studying the Word of God will be

enhanced and each of our students will receive a Certificate of Completion

in a variety of Biblical Subjects.

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Bible Subjects

The New Birth * The Five Crowns * The Abundant Life * The Power of Prayer

The Power of Faith * God's Word * Jesus Christ, the Son of God

The  Holy Spirit and His Work * Unknown Tongues * The Power of the Cross

Healing Scriptures * Sin and Mankind * Judgment Day * The Church

A Letter To All Believers * Gods Word and You

Spiritual Conflict * What Is A Demon.

Ordained Minister

For those who wish to go even further and become an Ordained Minister

this will be made possible through the blessings and teachings of our God and

Saviour Jesus Christ.

(Ordained Minister will receive a Certificate Of Ordination and a Christian Workers License)

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Publishing Department

Our  Publishing Department puts out books, tracts, and newsletters

spreading the gospel of Good News to the Whole World! 

We are currently putting together a Ministry to reach the many souls behind

bars in prisons and state and federal correctional institutions.


Baptismal Certificate
Annual Fellowship Card & Christian Workers License
Certificate of Ordination

Contact Us

For students and others who have a desire to learn more about

God's word, among other theological interests, give us your prayer

requests, in writing, as we want to bring your name and your needs

before the throne of God with our prayer partners .

Point of Contact

E mail


U.S Mail

Gods Eternal Word Of Faith Ministries, Inc

a/k/a G.E.W.O.F. Ministries

4377 Commercial Way, #227 ~ Spring Hill, FL. 34606


Contact Us By Phone

Rev. John Pascarella          Laura E. Pascarella

Bible Teacher/Evangelist        Business Manager       

(352)279-2772              (352)279-2765


God's word tells us to keep the faith and minister unto the flock. This ministering can take many forms ... Pastoral, Evangelical, Healing and many more.

Christ repeatedly told the Apostle Peter . . . "If you Love me, feed my sheep."

Peter preached, taught, witnessed and Christ healed through him. He baptized for the remission of sin, he laid hands on the believers for the gift of the Holy Ghost. Peter carried Christ's spirit inside everyday, and he walked where Jesus walked, and we can walk with Jesus every hour of the day.

Satan fights us daily, to stop God's work, but we believe in the biblical teaching:

"Give no Place to the Devil"

"God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him."

"GOD IS GREAT, and greatly to be praised!!



                                                                         Yours in Christ,

                                                                                                        Rev. John Pascarella


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